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Sprint 5_ Published Now

In the near future, the nations of the earth broke down their barriers to form an independent civilization. Countless technical problems were solved and humanity became an interstellar civilization. Planetary exploration projects have been proposed. It becomes very important to study the ecology of the alien planet and collect the materials on it. The research team sent one researcher after another to the surface of the alien planet. In this game, Player needs to control the character to explore resources on an unfamiliar planet and use detector to detect resource and enemies. When player starts to collect resources, the player needs to use weapon to protect the collecting machine from enemies until it finished, and escape from combat within the time limitation in each level.

Sprint5 Survey


Sprint 5 is Published Now.......

W,A,S,D Move ||

 Space Jump || 

Ctrl Crouch || 

Mouse 0 Attack || 

Mouse 1 Aiming || 

Shift  Aviod  || 

Tab using Detector ||

Esc show Cursor || 

Install instructions

Only For Window EXE file.

Prepare 3GB space room for the extract game.


GS_Final_Build_FixedSprint5_Group3.zip 1,014 MB
GS_Final_Build_Sprint5_Group3.zip 1,014 MB


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Is this a school project ? Looks awesome !

Yes, this is my school project.

University of Technology Sydney 2022 - Game Design Studio